Notifications & The Era of the Bots

New Technology is reshaping Ecommerce & Digital Marketing

Anyone who has a smart phone would have likely received a push notification from an app installed on their phone. 

Sometimes these notifications are promotional in nature, other times educational or it maybe to do with keeping the app running smoothly. 

What makes the push notification so powerful is its ability to be seen by such a high percentage of users who receive it. 

Compared to say email, that has an open rate of 10-30% at best, push notifications are seen by nearly all users who have them switched on. 

For years the only way to take advantage of Push was to have a custom built app for your business.

All that has now changed as push comes to desktop, tablets and mobile devises! (outside of apps as well as in apps)

The opportunity for those companies that not only implement it but integrate it with their sales & lead funnels is huge

How Do You Get Them?

  • Installation is via hard coding and / or plugin
  • There are multiple 3rd party providers
  • Many failed to meet the standards we require
  • We work with an excellent notfication supplier with a quality product
  • Install notifications ASAP to start accumulating subscribers immediately

How Do They Work?

  • Website visitors asked if they’d like to receive notifications
  • User can choose to allow notifications or not
  • If they allow they receive a custom welcome notification
  • They then receive notifications any time you broadcast
  • Subscribers can “opt out” anytime they wish

How Do You Use Them?

  • Simply Installing notifications ensures accumulation of subscribers
  • Gained 2,600 subscribers in 45 days on website with 17,000 visitors p/m
  • Key is to use them strategically & carefully
  • If you send too many promo messages people will switch them off
  • We can help you implement so you keep your subscribers & maximise new sales

This is what the notifications look like on desktop & mobile. Some of you may have seen some notifications with customised text, logos, images and colour in them. Those notifications require an extra button click in the process of subscribing and don’t convert as well as these “native” notifications.

Bot Technology

How this new technology can generate real sales & higher customer value

Bots are the buzzword of 2016 in the tech world but what are they exactly and how can they help you generate more revenue.

There are many different types of bots but in the context of what we are discussing bots represent a form of artificial intelligence that allow the automation of certain tasks. Whilst this is nothing new the difference is the promise that they will come with a level of intelligence never before seen. 

It’s early days yet but already we have found that there are some incredibly exciting bots coming out for businesses that when used imaginatively could make a real impact on a businesses profits. 

photo courtesy of social media today

Customer Acquisition Bots

Some bots help exisiting customers, other bots help get new ones

bullet03iA great example of a bot we have been working with that can have a big impact on sales uses the Facebook messenger app as a list building tool.


bullet03iMost businesses have an email list and those that utilise them correctly know how incredibly powerful they are. This is despite email having just a 10 – 40% open rate.


bullet03iThis revolutionary new bot adds anyone who comments on a post or ad on a Facebook page to a list of subscribers you can access through the Facebook messenger app.


bullet03iAs soon as someone leaves a comment on a post they receive a customised and personalised private message on Facebook.


bullet03iYou can then message those on that list at any time going forward as well. This can be switched on for all posts and ads or just specific ones.


bullet03iThis is an incredibly powerful tool. The possibilities are nearly endless and limited only by imaginative situations that you can develop into strategies that generate sales.


bullet03iThe diagram outlines a methodology we are using with a client to drive lots of new sales as well as building very happy loyal customers and increasing the overall customer lifetime value as well as generating more upsells and repeat business!

  • Run Facebook Ad With Discount Offer

    To claim the coupon people write a specific word like “save” in the comment section.

  • Bot Delivers Coupon Code

    After leaving the comment they will receive the coupon via a personalised private message

  • Follow up with new client

    You can now contact them via private message and check to see how they are going with their purchase & offer assistance

  • If They've Purchased

    They’re going to think it’s the best customer service ever. Opens up opportunities to discuss other products etc. Makes them feel great about your business

  • If They Haven't Purchased

    It’s going to remind them to do so + gives you the perfect opportunity to address any concerns holding them back. Drastically increases likelihood of a purchase.

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