Zamel's Jewellers Case Study

In 2014 Disruptive Cartel’s social media division “Just Social” was contracted by a third party who was working with Zamel’s Jewellers marketing department.

They asked Just Social to develop a custom Facebook contest for Zamel’s Jewellers to increase their brand exposure, build their email database and increase new client numbers.

Zamel’s is a national Retail Jewellery Company with 102 stores across Australia and is owned by one of the world’s largest jewellery manufacturers, the Mumbai-based, M Suresh Group DMCC.

This case study outlines the Facebook marketing & advertising we did with the contest, the results that we achieved, as well as commentary on different aspects of the promotional campaign. 

Some Days are Diamonds

Facebook Contest March 2014
  • In March 2014 we ran the Facebook advertising / marketing for a contest for Zamel’s Jewellers.
  • Our role was to do the Facebook Ads & some organic posting on the page which entailed all of the marketing for this promotion.
  • We had no input into the design or the type of contest that was launched.
  • Zamel’s decided on a “25 words or less” style contest with the question being; “What does a diamond mean to you?”
  • The contest ran from the 24/03/14 to 13/04/14
  • The requirements for entering the contest were that each entrant provide their first & last names, email address, phone number and they also needed to verify on the entry page that they were over 18 years old by entering their age into a text field.
  • The prize on offer was a diamond ring valued at $3,999 (See Graphics for details)
  • The Zamel’s Facebook page started the contest with 11,700 fans (approx)

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Zamel's Facebook Contest

Overall Results & Facebook Ad Results

Contest Results:

  • 100,000 People reached
  • 3,773 Entries completed
  • 1,100 Likes in 1st 7 days
  • 2,000+ shares
  • 2,000 Likes overall
  • 746 Entries via shares
  • 3,773 Emails collected

Facebook Advertising Results:

  • Reached 49,181 people directly via ads
  • Ad spend of only $523.94
  • Average cost per click (CPC) of 11 cents
  • 4,548 clicks on the ads(includes all types of clicks)
  • $8.65 for every 1000 ad impressions
  • 3,266 website ad clicks (Clicks to the contest page)
  • 8% Click Through Rate (CTR)

WOW 1100 entries – This is a phenomenal response, will have to do the same for Mother’s Day.
I’ll have a brief to you this afternoon!  
Amanda, Marketing Manager – Zamel’s Jewellers, Day 3 of contest


Full Breakdown of all Facebook Ad campaigns for the contest

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Graph Showing Page Like Growth in Week 1 of the Contest

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Key Talking Points

What Worked, What Didn’t & Why

Overall the contest was an amazing success. We reached 100,000 people, the majority of whom were in no way connected to the company prior to this contest.

It resulted in a huge number of people engaging with the brand in a fun and positive light.

The number of entries were also exceptionally good for an ad spend of just $524 Australian dollars ($383 US) and with an existing fan base of just 11,700 before the contest. 

The key to the success of this campaign can be summed up very easily. Shrewd marketing with well developed Facebook advertising campaigns and a great prize.

We certainly take a fair bit of credit for the numbers we were able to generate in this contest.

We spent a great deal of time ensuring that we were targeting the exact audience that fitted the demographics the company wanted and would also be the type of people who would get involved, enter and share the contest.

It’s not easy when you are working with such a small budget to generate large numbers instantly with Facebook ads. So we are very happy with how we were able to perform here.

Zamel’s should be commended for contributing such a fantastic prize that most certainly contributed to the success of the contest! The prize was highly desirable to their target market.

The prize was significant enough to create genuine buzz and excitement. It was a perfect example of a great contest prize.

That doesn’t mean you have to give away a $4,000 ring to have a successful contest! However a great prize can go along way towards success and can compensate somewhat if other areas of the contest are weaker as you will see shortly.

So overall the prize was a fantastic one no doubt.

Despite the incredible success of this contest, there were a number of areas where we thought that Zamel’s erred and we feel that cost them dearly.

We advised them on several occasions as well as the third party who contracted us (and had a closer relationship with them) about these points but unfortunately neither of us were able to get the changes pushed through.

That’s totally fine and the client is always entitled to run things as they see fit and the contest was still a raging success however the “missed opportunities” were significant and they could have seen some astronomical results, especially given their wonderful prize.

Those areas of potential improvement included the following:


Ad Budget

The ad budget was far far too small. You can’t have a $4000 prize and $350 ad budget. (yes we spent $523 but the budget was $350)

Zamel’s ad budget should have been minimum $4,000! They would have seen results magnified 20 to 30 times!

A $2,000 prize and $2,000 ad budget would also have been a better option! It’s critical your budget allows you to maximise the chance the promotion succeeds as much as possible.

You also need an ad budget that’s in proportion to the value of your prize (I understand their wholesale cost on the ring would be less than $4,000). Even with a moderate increase in budget, Zamel’s could have achieved 10,000 or 15,000 additional entries as the momentum snowballed! 


Entry Form

The entry form was too long. Every additional field costs you entries and should not be included. If you intend to use the additional information collected in future marketing then it’s worth discussing, otherwise don’t collect it.

Zamel’s asked for the entrants first and last names, email address, phone number and age.

Asking for a phone number kills entries in a big way no matter how good the prize.

Asking for age conformation reduces contest entries when simply listing that being “over 18” is a requirement to enter, is sufficient. 


Contest Question

25 words or less type contests kill entries as much as asking for a phone number does. This was a mistake that cost at least 4,000 entries!

You need to make everything your customers or prospects do very EASY! Be it viewing your website, buying your products, contacting your company or entering your contest, it must always be super easy!

The only possible reason to use this type of contest would be to avoid it being labelled as a lottery. That was not an issue under the local laws where this contest took place.

The question asked was itself not an easy one to answer. What does a diamond mean to you? That’s a question many people would struggle to answer easily & quickly and it would have cost another 2,000 – 3,000 entries.


Sales Funnel

The Zamel’s contest would have benefited greatly from being part of a properly constructed sales funnel.

A sales funnel is simply the process a prospect takes from discovery of your brand and its products and services, through to purchasing and beyond through repeat or additional purchases.

Most companies make the mistake of thinking this process doesn’t apply with contests and nothing could be further from the truth. A contest is simply a different way of getting new prospects into a sales funnel and therefore perform best as part of a custom built sales funnel designed to gain maximum numbers of new prospects and new clients.  


Return Path 

A return path are the actions and processes taken once someone has exited the main sales funnel. It includes things such as follow up email sequences and retargeting advertisements.

Retargeting (also known as remarketing) are ads that are shown to people who have already visited your website. The Zamel’s contest could have gained thousands more entries by utilising these types of ads to target those who went to the contest entry page but didn’t enter.

Also, A follow up email sequence to those who entered would have produced a large volume of new sales in the short to medium term that would have generated significant revenue.  


Length of Contest

Zamel’s could have maximised their results and lowered the cost per promotion by extending the length of time the contest ran for.

The contest ran for 20 days. This is too short when you are giving away a $4000 prize. You need to stretch the contest for as long as you can without upsetting your contest entrants. That means running the contest for 4 to 6 weeks. 

I am yet to have one person ever complain about the length of a contest.

If you have a great prize, people don’t mind and actually expect to wait a while for the results to be announced.

I noticed the thank you ad, such a great response – this was a great idea. 1. to get our fans to view the flyer 2. the fact that they have yet again interacted with us via Facebook 3. they will continue to see us over and over and stay in their minds.
Amanda, Marketing Manager – Zamel’s Jewellers


Case Study Conclusion

The final word on the Zamel’s Facebook Contest

Huge Success

The Zamel’s Facebook contest was a huge success! To reach 100,000 people and add 3,773 additional prospects to an email database + generate lots of excitement and buzz around the Zamel’s brand with a tiny $523 ad spend was a phenomenal result.


The client was wrapped and so were we with the campaign producing results better than anyone ever expected.


Missed Opportunities

There’s no doubt there were missed opportunities which I’m sure you can clearly see after reading this case study.


With just a few simple tweaks to the contest, Zamel’s could have received 7,000 – 8,000 entries.


With a moderate increase in ad budget to a reasonable level of say $2,000 – $3,000, Zamel’s could have been looking at 20,000 – 25,000 entries or more. This would have produced a database that would have generated ongoing sales for years to come if used correctly.


With a properly set up sales funnel and return path in place, Zamels could have produced even more sales and revenue in the short to medium term as a direct result of running the contest.


The biggest missed opportunity came from not implementing an ongoing Facebook advertising campaign to enhance what was achieved and ensure that there was a continuous influx of brand new leads and customers.


One thing we have found is that like most things in life, consistency over a sustained period of time produces quality reliable results and with such an explosive start it would have been incredibly beneficial to have implemented an ongoing Facebook advertising campaign that could have capitalised on the initial contest’s success.



Case Study Summation

The clear message from this case study is there is an amazing opportunity for businesses in the jewellery market to increase their customer base and generate more revenue through well constructed Facebook contests and effective Facebook advertising campaigns. 


Some industries work better than others on social media and there is no doubt that the retail jewellery market is one of the absolute best when it comes to social media and Facebook/Instagram.


It also quite clearly showed that success is relative and if you fail to capitalise on all the advantages at your disposal you can leave a lot of money on the table unnecessarily.


Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed reading this case study and found it valuable. If you’d like to find out more about how we could generate results like you have seen today for your business, please contact us at any time or email us directly to set up an informal discussion so we can provide you with further details and also find out if we are a good fit for each other.

Otherwise I really hope you picked up some good information here that can help you with your business in the future.


Thank you for your time,


Scott Linklater
Disruptive Cartel

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