Artlandish Gallery Case Study

This case study outlines the Facebook advertising we ran for Artlandish Gallery for dynamic product ads from 22nd May 2016 until October 5th 2017.

Dynamic product ads were just one of dozens of campaigns we have managed for this account over the last 6 years.

Included below are the results that we achieved for this one specific campaign.

Dynamic Facebook Ad Results For Artlandish

May 22nd 2016 – October 5th 2017

DPA Results

DPA ads

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Ad Level Results

DPA Results

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Key Takeaways from the Campaign:

  • Results were exceptional for this very narrow niche market.
  • Average size of order was over $900 which is $200+ above their online average.
  • Link Clicks were only slightly behind overall reach for raw numbers which you don’t often see.
  • Frequency was off the charts but it didn’t effect the performance of the campaign and was unavoidable.
  • Relevancy was exceptional with most ads achieving 9’s or 10’s.
  • The only thing that slowed down this campaign was the relative size of the market. It just isn’t very big. We got the maximum results possible.
  • Over $189,000 in sales for just $8,700 in ad costs is a big win every day of the week!

Facebook Ad Results for Ecommerce

A Selection of Client Results

Please find a selection of results for various eCommerce clients we have managed. 

FB ad sales total

Love Shop Share

Shoe Launch Campaign

This case study outlines the Facebook advertising campaign we ran for Fashion Blog Website Love Shop Share who’s owner was launching a new range of shoes in partnership with Ballettonet.

Due to the partnership arrangement we were limited in what we could do as all sales were taking place on the Ballettonet website which we had no access to.

Despite these limitations we were able to build a very solid campaign that resulted in most of the different styles of shoes being launched selling out before the end of the campaign. Whilst we do not have permission to release exact numbers, suffice to say the interested parties were very happy with the results

Included below are the results we can release that we achieved for this one campaign.

Key Takeaways from the Campaign:

  • Everyone involved was extremely happy with the results.
  • 3028 Link Clicks for just $718 in ad spend is a great result.
  • There were numerous issues we had to deal with and overcome to make the campaign a success.
  • We used a special app to allow us to do retargeting even when we had no access to the website where the purchases would be made.
  • We had to start turning adsets off before we had planned to as a number of the styles had totally sold out.