video ads on Facebook

Someone was asking the other day about suggested feed video ads and if they were worth using.

I’ve got some data here that may be useful to have a look at.


I ran this video ad campaign with a PPE (Engagement ad).


The placements were desktop and mobile newsfeeds and suggested feeds.


The video is 54 seconds long. 


Audience is 3.5 million and is a look-a-like made up of all purchases from a purchased in the last 180 days custom Audience.


Key takeaways:

  • Desktop outperformed mobile but was only a fraction of the traffic.
  • Suggested feed mobile was the overwhelming choice for showing the video.
  • Despite suggested feed having a much higher number of views it was able to remain the same price as the others and only 1/100th of a cent more expensive than mobile newsfeed.
  • Both suggested feeds had a higher % of people who watched 100% of the video than their respective placements in the newsfeed.

So it’s safe to say that suggested feed videos are worth testing out. They certainly worked well in this particular campaign.