Forensic Digital Marketing

No technique will ever generate more profit for less outlay

Zero to a hundred real quick!

With the extraordinary pace that today’s digital marketing moves at, coupled with the endless array of techniques that can be used to reach ones goals, it’s almost impossible for any organisation to be across everything in the digital landscape.

Whether you’re a small businesses, an online solo entrepreneur or a multi national company with in-house digital marketing teams or outsourced agencies, there is always going to be plenty of things you should be doing you’re not, or are doing but could be doing better!

Sometimes it just takes a different set of eyes, coming from a different point of view to discover that there’s lots of wasted revenue lurking within your current online marketing strategy. 

That annoying lingering feeling

Do you ever get that feeling your online marketing strategies might not be as good as they could be?

Have you ever thought that maybe there were things you weren’t doing online that you should be and they’d probably make a big difference, if only you were aware of them?

These annoying feelings bubble away quietly just below phentermine. You know you should do something about it but you’re doing pretty well and there’s only so much you can do right?

If you believe that then you’re selling ambien online . Here’s the truth for most organisations, from the smallest operators to the largest corporations…………

All the growth in customers & revenue that you’d love your business to achieve in the next 12 months can be found in the gaps and deficiencies of your current digital marketing strategies!


Disruptive Cartel specialise in finding those gaps and deficiencies in online marketing strategies and showing businesses what they need to do to fill them or step them up.

  • Website Design
  • On site SEO
  • Content creation & curation
  • Site Usability
  • Mobile friendliness & compatibility
  • Off page SEO
  • Sales Funnels
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Retargeting & remarketing
  • Social Media
  • Analytics & data reporting
  • email marketing
  • Notifications
  • Plus many mote critical areas of digital marketing

You can't measure or quantify

What you don’t know isn’t there

What exactly does a digital forensic investigation involve?

The team of experts at Disruptive Cartel will forensically look at all your digital marketing strategies and campaigns and uncover gaps within existing strategies as well as identifying strategies not being used that we believe could provide benefit to the organisation.

We can also dive into your analytics and other data points to discover potential opportunities for improved results. (at the discretion of the client)


Can this make a difference? We already have a whole team of digital experts.

The clear answer is absolutely! For a lot of different reasons including but not limited to:

  • It’s sometimes easier for someone outside the organisation or someone not involved in management of the account to see areas of opportunity or to identify strategies that they knew from other campaigns are not performing optimally.
  • With the sheer pace that the digital marketing industry moves at, it’s easy to not be across all the latest changes and sometimes a change that falls outside of your usual scope of influence may be something you should now be looking at.
  • Everyone has their own ideas when it comes to what works best in digital marketing. It can never hurt to get the opinions of others who operate within the industry to keep things fresh and new ideas peculating.
  • We specialise in doing this. This is what we do. It’s our job to eek out the little things that you could alter to get better results. It’s our job to find areas of your marketing you are not active in that could produce higher profits. It’s not about your current agency or digital team doing a bad job, it’s about helping the organisation to do even better. If you’re not striving to always be doing that then you’re already on the way out.

Our ecommerce business went from a stagnant $30,000 per month to $120,000 per month in revenue in 10 months after following what we learnt in the forensic investigation! 


Aren’t there agencies who offer this type of thing for free?

There are agencies that use digital marketing audits as a form of lead generation absolutely. They offer to review your current digital marketing presence for no cost and then make their profits on the recommendations they make if you engage their services.

The thing you need to keep in my mind is the “free” service has one goal in mind; Generate new clients by telling them there are things they are not doing, or not doing well and then sell them services based around this.

The more issues and gaps an agency finds in the prospects online strategy, the more money the agency can charge to “fix” the problems.

So instantly there is a clear motivation to find the maximum number of things wrong with what you are doing. It’s hard to remain impartial in an industry that is so open to interpretation when the size of the contract they possibly get is in their hands.


Another issue is all agencies have their own angle. They may be a multi-faceted digital agency offering a one stop shop digital solution but within that agency they most likely will lean towards one type of digital marketing more so than others.

It will be the area that they are most comfortable working in or the services they originally started the agency with. It’s very hard to be exceptional at implementing the highest level of services in all areas of digital marketing. Jack of all trades master of none comes to mind.

So they may provide a wide range of digital services but at their heart they’re an SEO company or a Pay Per Click (PPC) company, a content creation organisation or a Facebook Ad agency etc. This can greatly skew their ability to provide you with a clear picture of your overall digital marketing situation.

In the end, rather than bringing clarity to exactly where your organisation is from a digital marketing perspective, it often leaves you with more questions than answers and lingering doubt as to just whose best interests are being served here.

So Disruptive Cartel doesn’t implement the changes it recommends?

Our forensic digital marketing investigation is a standalone service and is not positioned to be a lead generation tool. Disruptive Cartel do provide implementation services in the areas that we are experts in and we can also recommend digital service providers who excel in their chosen fields but the forensic service is not intended to be used in conjunction with any of our other services.

This is done to ensure the integrity of the service and our recommendations remain at the highest level possible whilst allowing our clients to look at the forensic report with 100% confidence that the recommendations we put forward are for the benefit of their organisation and no one else.

In many instances our clients will already have a digital agency and they should speak with them about implementing our recommendations either in conjunction with us or separately. In other cases our clients will have an internal team or dedicated digital marketing expert who can implement the recommendations.

In the event a client doesn’t have either of these things we can provide them with referrals to companies we have found to be exceptional at what they do and exceptional to deal with.

Our Digital Agency / Internal Digital Marketing Team Won’t Be Happy About This?

Really? Your employees or strategic partner won’t be happy that you’re looking for ways to improve the profitability of the company? If that’s true, you need to see if these are the kind of people you want to be working for, or working with your company.

You should always be looking for ways to get better, reduce costs, increase revenue and improve the company and everyone that works with you should also be on the same page.

Bottom line is, you’re not running a organisation to make people feel warm and fluffy, you’re running an organisation to make a profit and ensure it’s viable for the long term future.


But the perception will be they have done a bad job and we don’t believe in them?

Perception is such a dangerous thing. That’s why it is critically important to ensure that all relevant parties are made crystal clear as to what is happening and why (at the appropriate time).

This undertaking is in no way designed to be a witch hunt against current employees or third party agencies and I can not stress that highly enough! It isn’t to point fingers and say people have done a bad job either.

Now if we discover that there has been clear derelict of duty we will certainly notify the client as to what that is but this isn’t a process of judging an agency or internal department’s abilities, it’s to identify areas that improvements can be made or new strategies can be implemented from scratch.

It is vitally important that employees and third party agencies are told clearly that this undertaking is to help them do their roles more efficiently and more effectively.

It’s important that senior company management understand that you can never be across all areas of digital marketing at all times.

It simply changes too quickly, can be successfully undertaken using an almost endless number of marketing techniques and changes to online marketing platforms such as Google and Facebook often roll out over months meaning some users have access to things before others.

So when we submit our recommendations, 95% of the time it doesn’t mean that these team members or agency staff have done a bad job. It’s all about helping them to do a better one wherever that’s possible.

Forensic Digital Marketing Report


Short questionnaire filled in is all that’s required

Access to sensitive company information isn’t needed

Provides an overview of your current digital marketing

Details areas where we believe you can improve

Strategies we recommend implementing and why

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