Advanced Forensic Digital Marketing

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The Short of it….

Disruptive Cartel (DC) helps businesses sell more of whatever they sell online whilst also increasing how much each customer spends.

We achieve this by working with clients on the implementation and optimisation of:

Sales & Marketing Funnels
Facebook advertising campaigns
Advanced ad re-targeting strategies
New notification technologies (e.g. Messenger Bots)


Additionally we offer a Forensic Digital Marketing service where we forensically examine (A fancy way to say we look closely & thoroughly) what your business is currently doing online and identify the areas where improvements can be made that will increase your profit! 

We also provide competitor analysis to see how you stack up next to your competition.


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bullet03iGain valuable Intel + discover new online competitors

bullet03iLearn how well your competition conduct digital marketing

bullet03iConducted by a digital marketing expert not automated software

bullet03iIncludes Forensic Profit Increase Estimation for your online business

bullet03i100% FREE & no obligation what so ever

bullet03iReal Value of $495 (regular cost of a competitors report)

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Our ecommerce business went from a stagnant $30,000 per month to $120,000 per month in revenue in 10 months after following what we learnt in the forensic investigation! 


Scott (from Disruptive Cartel) was fast, thorough & added 25,000 new followers to my page & thousands of new visitors to my website in under 4 months!

Nick Maxwell

Disruptive Cartel had an immediate impact with vast knowledge & expertise in social & sales processes. We were surprised at how fast we saw measurable results!

Gab Vargas

Our online sales are up over $15,000 per month and represent a 30% increase in sales company wide since working with the team at Disruptive Cartel

Kirstie Vinken

We Help Businesses Increase Online Revenue

By discovering what they’re not doing or could do better

Sales Funnel Optimisation

A sales funnel is simply the process of how a business takes a potential customer from discovery of their product or service through to the sale & beyond to include things such as upsells, cross sells, repeat purchases & more.

Disruptive Cartel specialises in creating unique optimised sales funnels for our clients that deliver new customers that spend more per order. 

This optimisation process results in many more conversions & a far higher customer spend.


Forensic Digital Marketing 

Forensic Digital Marketing (Forensic DM) involves looking at a businesses current digital marketing strategies and identifying all of the areas where changes, enhancements and optimisation can be applied to improve the desired online goals of the business.

This can be conducted for:

– Ecommerce businesses
– Direct marketing companies
– Service based businesses
– Brick & Mortar businesses with an online presence
– Online only operations & any business generating income online


Facebook Advertising

Facebook now has over 1.6 Billion users worldwide and another 300,000,000 on Instagram which they own.

This means that it doesn’t matter what industry you are in, if you are B2B or B2C, your target market is on Facebook!

Now obviously some industries perform better than others but great results can be achieved in almost any niche!

Facebook ads work so well because they have more data that matters on more people than nearly any company on earth & they allow advertisers to use that data for incredible laser focused targeting


Advanced Retargeting

If you’re not using retargeting then you should set it up immediately! It’s the single fastest way to significantly increase your businesses online revenue.

The amount of money businesses lose each year by not retargeting is often well into the tens of thousands of dollars!

To understand why it’s so important, click “More on retargeting” below & also view this infographic that will bring you up to speed in 3 minutes!

If you do business online & you’re not retargeting using an optimised funnel, you’re tearing up thousands every year!

Here’s results direct from three client’s ad accounts!

fb ad results