The Importance of the Funnel

& The Secret of Customer Value Optimisation

Sales funnels or marketing funnels are simply the process of taking a person from discovery of your product or service through to them making a purchase and beyond, to include things like repeat purchases, up-sells, down-sells, cross-sells, membership offers, one time offers and more.


How you structure those steps has a massive impact on how many sales or leads you can generate and also the dollar value that a customer is worth to you for as long as they have a relationship with your business (Lifetime Customer Value).


Disruptive Cartel specialise in optimising your sales funnel to get the maximum amount of sales possible whilst ensuring you get the most amount of revenue from each customer.

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There’s Only 3 Ways to Grow A business Yet 95% of Businesses Totally Neglect 2 of Them!

1Increase the number of customers


2Increase the average transaction value per customer


3Increase the number of transactions per customer

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Increasing the number of customers is harder than the other two options yet that is what most businesses focus on whilst completely neglecting transaction value & number of transactions & in doing so, forfeit thousands of dollars in sales every month & year.


The flow on is that most digital marketing companies also focus on optimising the conversion of new customers, causing the lost opportunities to be magnified again.


Whilst Disruptive Cartel focus intensely on optimising conversions which results in more new sales for you………We’re equally as focused on increasing how much each of those customers is worth to you & how often they buy!


When you optimise transaction value and numbers of transactions correctly (# 2 and # 3), on top of conversion optimisation (# 1), you can very quickly triple your online revenue or more!


That’s what we do for our clients & it works exceptionally well

Disruptive Cartel has become a leader in funnel implementation through a combination of hands on “in the trenches” experience combined with intensive training from the very best digital marketers in the world.

This includes certification as a customer value optimisation specialist!

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