“I found out that I possess inflammation markers, which means my joints are prone to being inflamed and sore. Even though I’m already taking an omega-3 supplement, I found out that I needed to take even more as well as fatty acids.

It makes sense for someone with my condition to have these DNA results, but once you actually see it in writing it helps you to get a better understanding of what is going on inside your body, and how you can change things through your diet. Within two weeks on the What IF Plan, my skin started to clear up! I really noticed that eating well made a difference.

Also I used to moan that my skin was ‘grey’ but I have a much brighter complexion now. I’ve been having more make-up free days than ever. Within a couple of weeks my eyes looked brighter and the autoimmune ‘brain fog’ I live with daily started clearing. The What IF Plan has made a huge difference to my fatigue, strength and mental health. I have way more energy and I am even waking up easier in the morning.

Also I feel fuller quicker. I’m not craving my usual sweet treats come 8pm, which is great. All in all I feel an overall sense of wellness even though I’m still in so much pain, and that is really amazing! I’m sticking to the plan now as much as I find it really easy to stay on track. The fact that the plan has given me so much choice with my meals means I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. If anything I’m gaining more recipes and eating things I wouldn’t usually have cooked with.”